Wi-Fi Usage Agreement

City of Bunbury Libraries Public Wi-Fi Usage Agreement 

By clicking “Continue” users agree that they are allowed to use the City of Bunbury Libraries Wi-Fi facilities subject to the following conditions: 

  • Do not transmit, request, obtain or advertise offensive, derogatory or unlawful material.

  • Do not transmit or make available restricted material to a minor.

  • Material displayed on any screen in any City of Bunbury building must be appropriate for a public or general community setting.

  • Wi-Fi sessions are of a designated length and at the end of this time you will be automatically logged out.

  • Understand that the City of Bunbury Libraries internet service is filtered and some sites may be blocked.

  • Understand that the City of Bunbury Libraries is not responsible for accuracy of information obtained online.

  • Understand that the City of Bunbury cannot guarantee security of confidential information which may be entered by customers onto websites or web-based forms.

  • Understand that the City of Bunbury Libraries cannot be held responsible for breaks in service resulting from technical problems outside our control.

  • Users of this service shall not have any claim against the City of Bunbury arising from loss associated with damages, obligations or liabilities directly or indirectly relating to the use of this service.

  • Sound must be muted or headphones must be used.

  • Printing is not available over the Wi-Fi network.

  • Please remember to secure your laptops and other items when in the library to prevent them being stolen or tampered with.  The City of Bunbury is not liable for theft of personal items.


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