Request an Item

Requesting Items

Your library membership allows you to request up to a maximum of

  • 4 Inter-Library Loans (ILL)
  • 20 Regional One Library requests per full membership.


Requests may be made in the following ways:

 When a requested item arrives you will be advised according to your preferred method of notification (ie: e-mail , SMS or letter).

 Please remember to advise library staff if you no longer require the requested item.​


Requesting items in our collection

Go to our library catalogue

1.) Log in using your library card number and PIN.

2.) Search the catalogue for the item you want.

3.) Click the Place Hold button. A window will pop up with the item you are requesting.

4.) To complete the  request, click Place Hold and OK.


Requesting items from State Library of WA

You can send requests directly to us from the SLWA website by completing the following steps:

1.) Access the State Library of WA catalogue:

2.) Search the SLWA catalogue to find the item you want to request.

3.) Click on the envelope icon on the right to email the requested item to us.

4.) Email your request to: 

5.) In the ‘Subject’ box enter your name, library card number and your pickup location (Bunbury or Withers). For example -

John Smith CL204B2468137D Bunbury or

John Smith CL204B2468137D Withers

PLEASE NOTE: Without this information we are unable to identify you or your preferred pickup location.

6.) Click Send and then OK.

7.) You can keep searching for additional   titles following  the steps above. Please note there is a limit of 4 requests at a time for full memberships.

Please Remember

When requesting inter-library loans ensure that you take into consideration the time and cost it takes for each of your requested items to be processed.

The inter-library loans team recommends when  requesting items that you:

  • ​Request only items that are required.
  • Do your research to identify you are requesting the right item. This also helps us to source the correct item for you.
  • When requesting an item in a series, request 1 at a time as it is the supplying library that determines when an item is sent and often the items will not arrive in series order.
  • The minimum time it takes for an inter-library loan to arrive from another library is approximately 2-3 weeks. It may take longer than this if the item is on loan or has other requests.


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