Library Guides

Our Library staff often get asked questions by our library users about how they can maximise their library experience. These questions are often related and generally revolve around things such as: finding new authors, navigating the Dewey system, selecting books for others (i.e. teenage children) and accessing electronic resources.

In response to the demand for useful and easy to understand information on these various topics, we have begun creating brief Library Guides. Each new Library Guide is released on a monthly basis, and is featured in that month’s respective Library eNewsletter.

To ensure that these wonderfully crafted guides are not lost in the depths of your inbox, we are now archiving them on this webpage.

Remember if you are looking for information to access our electronic resources you can find all them in the eLibrary section of our website here.

We hope you enjoy our Library Guides and if you have any topic suggestions for the future please contact us.

Library Guides: